Amersham Saw Mill

Frequently Asked Questions

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We hope this page will contain an answer to your question, however, if you would like to ask us a specific question which is not listed below, please do not hestiate to contact us directly.

Do your prices include VAT?

Yes. Please note fuels (logs and kindling) are charged at the reduced 5% rate, however accessories are applicable for general 20% VAT.

Will I receive an invoice or receipt?

The confirmation email is your invoice and receipt.

What type of logs do you supply?

We supply logs from a variety of tree species. Hardwood logs such as Oak, Alder, Birch or Beech, whilst our softwood logs will be mixed conifer softwoods.

How long are our logs seasoned for?

A seasoned log is one that has been cut and dry stored (i.e. under cover) for a long period of time, usually over 12 months. During this time the moisture contained in the wood evaporates off into the atmosphere. To season logs yourself you will need a log store located in a well ventilated area, some unseasoned logs and lots of patience - Read our online Real Wood Guide for a fuller explanation.

Why should I burn logs?

Burning logs is more environmentally friendly than burning other fossil fuels such as coal, oil or gas. Burning logs can even be a carbon neutral process providing a tree is planted to replace each tree burnt. This is because the same amount of CO2 will be absorbed by the tree as it grows.

How seasoned are your logs?

Our seasoned logs are dried to an average of 25% moisture for approx 18 months. Our seasoned logs are ideal for use on wood burning stoves, open fires, and chimeneas.

Do I have to return the Builders Bag after I have used my logs?

The bags which are supplied with your logs do not have to be returned to us, however any returns are appriciated and help to reduce our business' carbon footprint.

How many logs will I get in a Builders Bag?

Around 230-260 logs and usable bits of firewood.

How long will my logs last?

This is a popular question and there are many variants to consider in the answer. For example, quality of wood, stove efficiency, house insulation etc. However, we find if you have an efficient stove and use our dry seasoned hardwood logs you will be burning between 3-4 cubic metres per season. If using wetter low grade timber you can expect to use double this.

When is the best time to buy wood?

We always have seasoned firewood in stock, yet the best time to buy is in the summer. The firewood can dry to reach really low moisture content and you have also secured your supply for the winter ahead. Cheaper prices are available too.

Where should I store my logs?

We recommend you store your logs under a shelter with ventilation. Although not essential, hardwood is best stored indoors for 24-48 hours before burining for best results.

Can I collect wood directly from the saw mill?

Public access to the saw mill is not currently available, this is mainly due to access restrictions. In the near future we hope to open our doors to allow customers to collect wood from our Amersham depot in a trailer or van.

How long will my logs last?

As long as you want them to... How long is a piece of string? Hardwood logs will take longer to burn than softwood, but on average most people will order 3-4 sacks each winter.

Delivery Related Questions & Answers

Do your prices include free delivery?

Delivery is free of charge if your delivery location is inside our drop-off zone (see map). If you are outside our delivery area you should contact us directly to enquire about delivery charges.

Do you deliver on weekends?

Yes, we are able to deliver on weekends for no extra cost unlike other companies. You will be able to choose any delivery day when you checkout.

Can I choose a delivery time?

Yes, we offer our customers a selection of delivery slots. These usually are as follows: 9-11am, 11am-1pm, 1pm-3pm, 3pm-6pm. Please note, some time-slots may not always be available, so please book in advance. Please call us on your delivery-day for a more accurate estimated time of arrival.

Can I pay cash on delivery?

Yes, but you will need to email us with your order or telephone us. We are able to take payments via Credit or Debit card. We do not accept American Express at present. Only Visa & Mastercard.

Can I order logs for same-day delivery?

Yes, but you will need to call us to arrange because we plan our delivery drops each morning.

How will the logs be delivered?

Delivery of logs in builders sacks is kerb-side using a van with a tail-lift offload. We can deliver to any location that is accessiable by our delivery van.

Do I have to be present when the delivery is made?

For cash on delivery drops, yes, however if you pay online or pre-pay, we can deliver your logs to your property or business when you are not able to take delivery. Please provide us with adequate information when you checkout. We are not held liable for any missing logs if you are not present when your logs are delivered.